Compound Move Workout

Here is a Compound Move Circuit Workout

2 Circuits, 3 exerises each circuit, repeat each circuit 3x, then do the next circuit. Finish with abs and stretch video.

Start with a quick warm-up before starting the circuits.

Circuit 1:

Lunge to Reach- 12 each side-

Level 2 add a knee drive, Level 3 knee drive to hop

Inchworm to Plank to Superman 10-12 reps (small band optional)

Single Leg Deadlift to to Row to Curl 12 ea. side

Repeat 3x

Circuit 2:

Dumbbell Figure 8 to Upright Row 12-15reps

Tricep Dip to Crab Touch 12-15 reps

Lunge with Bicep Curl to Plank Jacks 12 ea. side

Repeat 3x

5 min Ab workout


National Inner Beauty Day

Today is National Inner Beauty Day! With all of the chaos and confusion of life recently, it is easy to lose track of ourselves. We need to remember to shine a light on what is inside of us that makes us special and unique. As we look at the world around us to find beauty, in a sunrise or sunset, a flower on a daily walk, a small child’s smile…..we all have beauty inside of us as well. By embracing and honoring that inner beauty, we stop searching and can begin to enjoy the journey.

Today I challenge you to write down 5 things about yourself that reflect and acknowledge your inner beauty.

October Workouts

October is here! I have lot’s of options for you to workout with me.

Online options:

To find my Zumba Gold schedule, both live and online, go to and find my personal page here.

If you are on Facebook, follow my Wellness Group here for free workouts, affirmations, healthy tips and more.

If you would like more support, I have a membership based group.

For $25 a month, you get a meal plan, 20 workouts a week , plus support from me and and the other members of our online community. There is a combination of live classes and recorded. The live classes have replays available for 24-48hrs.

Classes include: Muscle Conditioning, Cardio Drumming, Zumba Gold, HiiT, Dance Blast, Barre, Stretch and more….

Join here or email me at for more info.

Live Classes:

My schedule at Freestone Recreation Center is:

Tues & Thur 8:15 am Cardio Drumming

Fri 12:50pm Zumba Gold

Masks are required as well as reservations. Call 480-503-6241 to reserve your spot up to 7 days in advance.

I also have classes available through the Gilbert Recreation Guide for Adults, Special Needs Adults and Kids. These classes do not require masks and are limited to 8 people. Register here:

Special Olympics Cheer is also through the Rec Guide. It is Tuesdays at 4:30pm the code #22762

Special Event:

Friday Oct. 16th Fall Fitness Friday at Gilbert Regional Park

I will be teaching Zumba at 9 am. Tone & Stretch and Primetime Fitness will be offered. More info here….

I look forward to a fun, fit, fab month!

Choose To Learn..

Well, today has been a lesson in challenges for sure. I had to take a moment and reset myself for the day…..we have the opportunity to learn from each set back. Find new ways to problem solve…sometimes see that less is more. Accept that things happen out of our control but we can chose to not be discouraged and push through. Wishing you all a beautiful and bright day, despite any challenges the day brings.

Fall Into Fitness

I still have spots in my Sept Fall Into Fitness group. $25 for 4 weeks of workouts. 10 classes a week….that is less than $2 a class. Email me at for more details. Schedule is listed below.

Sept Schedule


6 am Muscle Mondays

9am Cardio Drumming Zoom


6 am Tone Up Tuesday Barre


6 am Warrior Wednesday HiiT

9am Zumba Gold Zoom


6 am Thankful Thursday Tone & Stretch

9:45am Dance Blast Zoom

10:30am Hip Hop Toning Zoom


6 am Fast & Furious Friday HiiT

9 am Zumba Gold Zoom