Daily Affirmation- August 3rd

Daily Affirmation
In the words of Henry G from the Positive Mindset Podcast,
Let’s be part of “the rising tide that lifts all ships”. Being the best version of yourself will attract others being their best version and together we can lift one another.

Workout Wednesday Tip

Workout Wednesday Tip!

Break your Circuit Workout into 3 segments.
Do 15 minutes in the morning, 15 at lunch and 15 in the evening. Pick 3 strength based moves and a cardio or burn out move for each circuit. Full Workout done by the end of the day. Then treat your self to a nice stretch session or foam roll.

Schedule for Week of July 26th

Happy Sunday!

Schedule for the week:

10:30 am Dance Fit Gold FRC
12:15pm Lunchtime Express Cycle FRC

8am Cardio Drumming FRC

8am Cardio Drumming FRC

9am Dance Fit Gold Zoom
10:30am Fit and Fifty TRC
12:15pm Lunchtime Express Cycle FRC

FRC- Freestone Rec Center
TRC- Tumbleweed Recreation Center

Last week of all Summer Registration Based classes.  DM for recital times.